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Custom Events Carpets
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Beautiful and stylish custom carpets – in any colour!

Hotels, Event Planners, Award Ceremony & Wedding Organisers and Gala Reception venues all know how important first impressions and a quality event carpet can be.

Special Offers

"A" Grade, Fully Border Finished, perfect colour matching yarn.


See colour's page for details.


COLOUR                                        SIZE                                                          PRICE


SCARLET RED                                                

SCARLET FELTBACK                    1.00m x 3.80m                                            49.00+vat

SCARLET FELTBACK                    0.58m x 7.97m                                            60.00+vat  SOLD

SCARLET FELTBACK                    0.78m x 4.10m                                            49.00+vat

SCARLET FELTBACK                    1.17m x 2.74m                                            42.00+vat  SOLD

SCARLET FELTBACK                    1.20m x 3.05m                                            49.00+vat

SCARLET FELTBACK                    0.70m x 3.40m                                            35.00+vat

SCARLET FELTBACK                   0.97m x 3.00m                                             33.00+vat

SCARLET FELTBACK                   1.08m x 4.94m                                             65.00+vatSOLD

SCARLET FELTBACK                   0.82m x 7.90m                                             75.00+vat SOLD

SCARLET FELTBACK                   1.00m x 5.43m                                             69.00+vat SOLD

SCARLET FELTBACK                   1.00m x 1.17m                                             25.00+vat

SCARLET HARDBACK                  0.86m x 3.30m                                            42.00+vat

SCARLET HARDBACK                  1.00m x 3.00m                                            39.00+vat  SOLD

SCARLET HARDBACK                  1.00m x 1.96m                                            29.00+vat

SCARLET HARDBACK                  1.20m x 2.80m                                            43.00+vat

SCARLET HARDBACK                  1.00m x 4.58m                                            55.00+vat  SOLD

SCARLET HARDBACK                  0.77m x 5.70m                                            59.00+vat

SCARLET HARDBACK                  0.73m x 7.60m                                            67.00+vat

SCARLET HARDBACK                  1.00m x 3.84m                                            49.00+vat

SCARLET HARDBACK                  0.78m x 8.00m                                            75.00+vatSOLD

SCARLET HARDBACK                  1.44m x 2.36m                                            39.00+vat

SCARLET HARDBACK                  1.20m x 3.05m                                            45.00+vat

SCARLET HARDBACK:                 0.74m x 3.80m                                           39.00+vat

SCARLET HARDBACK                  1.00m x 5.48m                                           75.00+vat  SOLD

SCARLET HARDBACK                  0.58m x 7.97m                                           65.00+vat

SCARLET HARDBACK                  1.20m x 5.66m                                           97.00+vat  SOLD

SCARLET HARDBACK                  1.15m x 1.95m                                           29.00+vat



POPPY HARDBACK                       0.80m x 4.95m                                         73.00+vat         

POPPY HARDBACK                       1.00m x 6.30m                                            97.00+vat  SOLD

POPPY HARDBACK                       1.28m x 4.85m                                            93.00+vat

POPPY HARDBACK                       1.00m x 4.13m                                            59.00+vat  SOLD

POPPY HARDBACK                       1.25m x 1.17m                                            25.00+vat

POPPY HARDBACK                       1.36m x 1.67m                                            29.00+vat

POPPY HARDBACK                       1.20m x 2.00m                                            37.00+vat



FLAME VELVET                             1.00m x 6.00m                                            75.00+vat  SOLD

FLAME VELVET                             0.72m x 4.00m                                           49.00+vat

FLAME VELVET                             1.00m x 3.00m                                           29.00+vat

FLAME VELVET                             1.20m x 4.00m                                           59.00+vat



GARNET HARDBACK                   1.40m x 2.80m                                            39.00+vat

GARNET HARDBACK                   1.17m x 2.50m                                            29.00+vat

GARNET HARDBACK                   0.74m x 3.70m                                            29.00+vat

GARNET HARDBACK                   0.85m x 5.16m                                            59.00+vat

GARNET HARDBACK                   1.60m x 4.60m                                            97.00+vat

GARNET HARDBACK                   0.79m x 7.90m                                            69.00+vat

GARNET HARDBACK                  



IVORY WHITE                               1.00m x 6.50m                                            75.00+vat  SOLD

IVORY WHITE                               1.40m x 5.35m                                            95.00+vat

IVORY WHITE                               1.40m x 1.93m                                            35.00+vat

IVORY WHITE                               1.20m x 3.62m                                            55.00+vat

IVORY WHITE                               1.50m x 12.00m                                        229.00+vat  SOLD

STANDARD WHITE                      1.00m x 5.00m                                             49.00+vat

STANDARD WHITE                      1.00m x 6.50m                                             65.00+vat

STANDARD WHITE                      0.96m x 7.50m                                             70.00+vat

STANDARD WHITE                      2.00m x 4.70m                                             92.00+vat

SNOW WHITE                              1.00m x 10.00m (Pure White)                   129.00+vat    

SNOW WHITE                              1.00m x 5.00m  (Pure White)                      59.00+vat

FLUFFY CLOUD WHITE               1.60m x 11.60m                                          219.00+vat

CLASSIC WHITE                          1.05m x 10.00m  (Heavy Duty)                  159.00+vat



VERMILLION                                1.00m x 4.00m                                             59.00+vat  SOLD

VERMILLION                                1.10m x 3.00m                                             53.00+vat

VERMILLION                                1.20m x 2.80m                                             54.00+vat  SOLD

VERMILLION                                1.00m x 4.00m                                             59.00+vat

VERMILLION                                0.55m x 10.00m                                           79.00+vat

VERMILLION                                1.07m x 2.30m                                             29.00+vat

VERMILLION                                8.14m x 1.20m                                           169.00+vat  SOLD

VERMILLION                                1.03m x 3.03m                                             35.00+vat



SPLASH                                       1.00m x 5.10m                                             95.00+vat SOLD

SPLASH RED WATERPROOF   0.80m x 10.00m                                          109.00+vat

SPLASH RED WATERPROOF  0.80m x 10.00m                                           109.00+vat

SPLASH RED WATERPROOF  0.80m x 4.00m                                              59.00+vat

SPLASH RED WATERPROOF  3.18m x 2.00m                                              89.00+vat

SPLASH RED WATERPROOF  2.00m x 2.34m                                              75.00+vat



SHOCKING PINK                          1.97m x 5.00m                                           115.00+vat  SOLD


 RUBY                                          1.20m x 6.94m                                            89.00+vat

RUBY                                           1.80m x 4.20m                                            75.00+vatSOLD

BORDEAUX                                1.65m x 2.50m                                             49.00+vat  SOLD

CRIMSON SPARKLE                   1.50m x 12.00m Inc. Fitted End Plates     249.00+vat

LIGHT PURPLE                           1.20m x  6.00m                                            79.00+vat

LIGHT PURPLE                          1.20m x 2.78m                                              45.00+vat

CREAM                                      1.25m x 2.50m                                              49.00+vat

BLACK                                       0.95m x 6.20m                                              79.00+vat

BLACK                                       0.90m x 11.00m                                           109.00+vat  SOLD


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