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Custom Events Carpets
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Beautiful and stylish custom carpets – in any colour!

Hotels, Event Planners, Award Ceremony & Wedding Organisers and Gala Reception venues all know how important first impressions and a quality event carpet can be.


Coloured carpets to suit any occasion

Sometimes an event just needs that extra little touch to turn it from an enjoyable day or evening into a truly stylish and memorable one.

The simplest and most cost effective way of doing this is the addition of a beautiful, custom made and very affordable coloured carpet.

At Custom Made Coloured Carpets, we specialise in designing and creating absolutely stunning carpet runners suitable for any wedding, corporate function, entertainment venue entrance or commercial property opening.

Call us on 01726 816572 today to discuss your individual carpet requirements or place an order with one of our helpful and friendly team. Our Custom Made Event Carpets are all set out for your property or events. Custom made carpets are growing in popularity due to the range of colours we provide and this could range from ivory white carpets to black carpets. 

Many different colours available!

Made from the finest and most durable materials, we design and create high quality custom made carpets in wide variety of colours, including:

  • 7mm: Scarlet Red, Ivory White, Garnet Red, Royal Blue, Electric Blue, Lime Green, Goldleaf, Bordeaux, Black, Shocking Pink
  • Saxony 9mm: Poppy Red, Ivory White Ultra
  • Velvet: Cadbury Purple, Snow White, Vermillion Red, Orange, Forest Green
  • Sparkle: Black Sparkle, Crimson Sparkle
  • Economy 2mm: Red, White, Yellow, Green
  • Splash: Red, Wine, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Navy
  • Pure New Wool: Velvet Berry, Velvet Ruby

Free UK delivery!

We will deliver your new custom made carpet straight to your door, no matter where you are in the UK, Ireland or Europe. If you are based in the UK, delivery is completely free! International orders will receive a small additional surcharge.

Tailored around your individual needs

The beauty of our custom carpet making service is that we will design and create your new carpet in whatever style, shape, size and colour you require; whether you need a white carpet for a stylish and elegant wedding or a colourful new carpet runner for your shop opening or unveiling.

We operate throughout the UK and Europe, specialising in designing, creating and delivering high quality event carpets for commercial and private clients. We have recently undertaken projects for customers in Ireland, Scotland, Spain, France, Switzerland, USA, Cameroon, Australia, Austria and Malta.

If you would like to know more about our custom coloured carpet service, or you would like to place an order, contact our friendly team today.

Stock Colours

Red StandardScarlet Red Standard 7mm
Red StandardGarnet Red Standard 7mm
Stock CreamIvory White Standard 7mm
Electric BlueElectric Blue Standard 7mm
Royal NavyRoyal Navy Blue 7mm
Gold LeafStock Goldleaf Standard 7mm
Bordeaux PurpleStock Bordeaux standard 7mm
LimeStock Lime Green Standard 7mm
Shocking PinkStock Shocking Pink standard 7mm
Flint GreyFlint Grey Standard 7mm
Black SparkleStock Black Sparkle Standard 7mm
Crimson SparkleCrimson Sparkle
Poppy RedStock Saxony Poppy Red 9mm
Stock CreamIvory White Ultra Luxury Saxony 9mm
Forest GreenForest Green Velvet
PurpleCadbury Purple Velvet
Stock CreamStock Snow White Velvet
OrangeStock Orange Velvet
Vermilion VelvetStock Economy Red
GreenStock Economy Green
Stock CreamStock Economy White
Stock YellowStock Economy Yellow
Stock YellowStock Pure Wool Velvet Ruby
Stock RoyaleStock Pure Wool Velvet Berry


We also stock SPLASH HEAVY CONTRACT exterior carpet in a choice of colours below:

Splash Black CarpetSplash Black
Splash Blue CarpetSplash Blue
Splash Burgundy CarpetSplash Wine
Splash Grass CarpetSplash Green
Splash Cyan CarpetSplash Cyan
Splash Navy CarpetSplash Navy
Splash Red CarpetSplash Red
Splash Orange CarpetSplash Orange
Splash Yellow CarpetSplash Yellow

Please contact us if you don't see the colour you require​


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Made from the finest and most durable materials, we design and create high quality custom made carpets in wide variety of colours, including...

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